The Blackberry Z10 costs $154 to build

Firm looks set to profit from sales of its first Blackberry 10 smartphone

CANADIAN PHONE MAKER Blackberry's Z10 smartphone costs around $154 to build, CNN Money has revealed.
According to CNN Money's estimates, the Blackberry Z10's screen costs around $26.50 and the handset's 1.5GHz quad-core processor sets the firm back around $23.50 per unit.
The report also claims that the 8MP and 2MP cameras cost $15 in total, while the 16GB of internal storage costs around $9.00. Other costs are owed to the battery, chips and RAM in theBlackberry Z10, which total around $21, and the casing and other bits and bobs, which have been priced at $59. All in, this adds up to a grand total of $154, or a bit less than £100.
This doesn't mean that we know how much money Blackberry is making on each Z10 smartphone sold. However, given that the phone is priced at around £500 SIM free, it looks like the company is making a healthy profit on its debut Blackberry 10 device.
Blackberry's second Blackberry 10 device, the Qwerty keyboard Q10, is expected to make its debut in April, although the handset's pricing is still to be revealed

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