Microsoft launches host of accessories for Windows 8 devices

Even Microsoft has joined the list of companies that offers Windows 8 accessories by launching three devices -- Microsoft Wedge Touch Mouse, Microsoft Wedge Mobile Keyboard, and Microsoft Sculpt Touch Mouse.
Microsoft Wedge Touch Mouse Wedge Touch Mouse is sleek and redefines the look of a traditional mouse. The Bluetooth-enabled mouse is small enough to slip into your pocket and is designed to complement the Windows 8 experience on both PCs and tablets. It provides four-way touch scrolling and navigation for easy handling of Windows 8. Cable free, with Blue Track technology, means that the mouse can be used on just about any surface – a well-used coffee table top, a sofa or the office table. It is priced at Rs 3,015.
Microsoft Wedge Mobile Keyboard.
The Wedge Mobile Keyboard is Bluetooth-enabled and has Windows 8 Hot Keys for actions like quick search and share. It can be used with tablets too. A durable rubber cover that comes along with the keyboard, when folded, doubles up as a tablet stand. The keyboard turns off when the cover is placed on it and resumes power when removed. Microsoft Wedge Mobile Keyboard costs Rs 4,935.
Microsoft Sculpt Touch Mouse
Microsoft Sculpt Touch Mouse is a standard mouse with a touch strip placed between the left and right-click buttons. The touch-strip allows 4-way swiping and thus helps user to maximise the Windows 8 experience. It connects to your PC, laptop or tablet via a Bluetooth dongle. Microsoft Sculpt Touch Mouse costs Rs 2,765.