Gmail releases new 'Mailbox' app

Gmail releases new 'Mailbox' app
A new application for Gmail will attempt to fix any problem with the emails of users by encouraging them to get their inbox down to zero. 
The app, named Mailbox, will sync with the Gmail accounts of users and inform them about the number of messages, both read and unread, that are filling their inbox, reports

The app, which is currently available only for iPhone users, will help users to 'swipe' away an unimportant email and schedule a time for it to return, choosing from a selected date, the report further said.
Users also have the option to archive or delete messages through the new app.
However, users need to deal with their emails right away when using the Mailbox app, by deleting useless emails and replying to important ones.
Also, users will not be able to view email s that are organised into folders or filters in Gmail, as the app will only display the contents of the user's inbox, the report added.