Total War Rome 2 Launch Trailer

Tomorrow is the day when you meet History! So brace yourselves men, Total War Rome 2 is releasing tomorrow. Like you already know tomorrow is a big day for gamers especially if you are a fan of Total War games.
The game so far has been the most pre-ordered Total War game ever beating Total War Shogun 2 six to one. And it sure looks to recreate history. To spice things up, Creative Assembly have released the Launch trailer of the game. Take a look below and then we will continue the talk.
Launch Trailer:
So isn’t the trailer a thing of Beauty? There are just a few more hours for the release and if you are still having second thoughts about picking the game, I say you go for it. Rome 2 is a game meant for everyone be it  Action lovers, Story seekers or others. It’s just a game that comes with full of surprises.
So Would you be getting it tomorrow? Comment Below.
Total War Rome 2 is releasing on September 3rd for PC.