Killzone: Shadow Fall Enemy Details & Screenshots

Guerrilla Games has recently gave us some sneak-peak of one of the enemy character, Black Hand of their upcoming shooter, Killzone Shadow Fall along with a release of new screenshots for the game.
Their specialties:
“Unlike the Helghast army, the Black Hand are an irregular force, specializing in acts of violence and sabotage. They’re mainly equipped with makeshift gear and weapons – surplus from the Second Extrasolar War – but curiously also possess modern mil-spec gear such as top-of-the-line infiltration projectors. As Shadow Marshal Lucas Kellan, the Black Hand are one more threat you’ll need to deal with to prevent the destabilization of the entire planet.”
Screenshot Gallery:
This upcoming game from Guerilla Games is currently underway development and will be released as an exclusive title for the PlayStation 4 in Q4 2013.