We've managed to grab a glimpse of the first pricing news regarding the recently announced Sony Xperia SP andSony Xperia L.
Although Sony is yet to officially confirm the price of its new mid- and low-end handsets, online retailer Expansysalready has the duo available for pre-order on its site.
The 4G-enabled Sony Xperia SP, which sports a 4.6-inch 720p display, 1.7GHz dual-core processor and 8MP camera, is listed at £339.99 - which should place it around the £20-£25 per month mark on contract.
There's also a Xperia SP release date noted on the site, with the mid-range smartphone apparently due to arrive on May 7.
If you fancier a cheaper thrill then the Xperia L may be more your bag: it's currently sporting a £239.99 pre-order price tag, so around £15 per month if you're waiting for networks to pick it up.
In terms of an Xperia L release date we could well see this low end handset arrive sooner than its brother, with Expansys listing April 29 as its in-stock date.

European tour

Android Authority is reporting that the Xperia L and Xperia SP have also been priced in Europe, although there seems to be some discrepancy in cost between countries.
In Holland the handsets are listed at €279 (around £240) and €399 (around £340) respectively, while in Italy and Germany they're apparently slightly dearer at €299 (around £255) and €419 (around £360).
The prices and release date are probably all subject to change, but it at least gives us a general idea of when to expect the handsets, and how much they'll set us back.