Could Motorola's rumored 'X Phone' really conquer the Galaxy?

The X Phone could put Motorola back on top

Could Motorola's rumored 'X Phone' really conquer the Galaxy?
The Motorola X Phone could make a splash, if all the rumors are true

It's been a while since Motorola was on top, but that could change in 2013 with the debut of what's being called the Motorola "X Phone."
Despite this code name, the X Phone may not just be a single device - reports claim that Motorola Mobility is prepping an entire line of Android smartphones for release this year.
And if all goes according to plan for MM, rumor has it the X Phone line will compete directly with the biggest Android phones out there: Samsung's Galaxy brand.
With the Galaxy S4 still making waves, it seems Motorola will face quite a challenge. Armed with a new phone or phones, might the Google-owned company be up for it?

To infinity and beyond

A handful of new rumors about Motorola's X Phone sprung up just last week, when the fan site Android and Me published a report with tips leaked from an "old time friend" of the author.
Besides being a chatty buddy, the site's source also reportedly has inside information into Moto's plans.
Chief among the divulged rumors was a claim that the X Phone (or Phones) are meant to take the Samsung Galaxy line head-on.
Android and Me wrote that this should come as a no-brainer, but we're not so sure - device makers like Nokia haven't had much luck doing the same lately, and have instead turned to the other side of the spectrum to focus onmaking phones that are more affordable than ever.
Then again, Nokia's troubles may have as much or more to do withWindows Phone 8 as they do with Nokia's own hardware, and Android devices don't face quite the same OS-based roadblocks.
Besides, Motorola has got Google on its side, and Android and Me's source claimed that Google and its subsidiary will subsidize the X Phones "heavily." So why not compete with the toughest kid in the sandbox?

Customizable, inside and out

Last week's report also included claims that the first Motorola X Phone will launch in June, that it will receive at least one full Android OS update during its life span (to be delivered by Motorola, not carriers), and that buyers will be able to customize their Motorola X Phones - from color to RAM - in an online store or when ordering through carriers.
We've yet to see anything like that in the smartphone industry, but there's no reason why Google and Motorola Mobility shouldn't be able to allow customers to design their devices - outside and in - from the ground up.
Those custom devices will be delivered within one week, and customers will be able to pre-load them with apps, contacts, wallpapers, and more, said the report.
And according to the rumors, carriers won't be allowed to load any of their own custom software, so this will be a pure, personalized Android experience.
Previous reports that the Motorola X Phone would debut with the next iteration of Google's Android OS (called Key Lime Pie) also claimed that it would sport just a dual-core processor, but Android and Me's source put that rumor down by saying it will actually feature eight cores, a la the S4.
Even the site itself notes that its source could have that number wrong, but we're expecting at least a quad-core chip.
Finally, the source claimed that Motorola will provide an easy way for X Phone users to unlock their devices for use on any carrier.
If all these claims turn out true, the Motorola X Phone will make a splash when it debuts - and with Google's IO conference going down in May, that could happen rather soon.
TechRadar asked Google and Motorola to find out if either company would like to add anything to the rumors, but a Google rep noted that the company doesn't comment on rumors.
However, a Moto spokesperson divulged the company does have some "very exciting" products on the horizon.