Top 5 Hardest Self-Imposed Gaming Challenges

On the eve of Gaming Day(11th,August),A special Gaming article for our fans.!!
There are some games that are hard. There are even those games which can be downright unforgiving. But the cruelest, most difficult challenge will often come from the players themselves. Here are five that I've seen or taken part in on various games.
5. The Chuck Norris Challenge (The Elder Scrolls Series)
The Elder Scrolls games offer an almost infinite number of options in terms of offense and defense. Between Heavy and Light Armor, all the Magicka and the slew of weapons at your disposal, it's a wonder that the games can be challenging at all. Then, there's the Chuck Norris challenge. All that armor? Forget it, manly men attempting to be Chuck Norris don't need armor. Those weapons that fire stuff you're shooting from your hands? Real men end worlds with just their fists and nothing else, and that's what this challenge is. Try completing an ENTIRE The Elder Scrolls game with no armor, no weapons, and just your fists. It's made easier by some of the games having hand-to-hand perks, but watch out for those mages and snipers! Fists only go so far.
Top 5 Hardest Self-Imposed Gaming Challenges - The Chuck Norris Challenge (The Elder Scrolls Series)
4. The Nuzlocke Challenge (Pokémon Series)
Ahhh Pokémon. Over the course of many years, you've managed to help us build a strong connection with the bytes of data known as Pokémon. The bond you share with the Pokémonyou've selected and raised painstakingly is so powerful at the end of the game that many people simply don't start new games. Ever. But what if all that hard work came with the chance of never seeing one of your beloved pocket monsters again? I welcome you to the Nuzlocke Challenge forPokémon. You can only catch the first Pokémon you encounter per area; no healing is allowed outside of Pokémon Centers, and if one of your lovable friends faints heroically in battle? They're rendered unusable for the rest of the game. That's right, one random critical hit, and you can never use your starter again. Have fun!
Top 5 Hardest Self-Imposed Gaming Challenges - The Nuzlocke Challenge (Pokémon Series)
3. Only Arm Cannon (Mega Man Series)
The popularity of the Mega Man series has always been the interesting bosses and the powers you get from them. Boss powers make levels easier to deal with and can be crucial for dealing super effective damage to a boss weak to a particular element. Otherwise, you're left jumping around with your feeble arm cannon, hoping not to be erased by the likes of Shadowman. How about trying that though? Beat any Mega Man game (or all of them) without using anything but the standard Megabuster. No super effect damage and no weird bullets that travel along floors to help you. Just a straight firing peashooter against foes calling themselves the Robot Masters. Don't forget… Mega Man is a robot too.
Top 5 Hardest Self-Imposed Gaming Challenges - Only Arm Cannon (Mega Man Series)
2. Big Boss Rank (Metal Gear Solid Series)
For the purpose of this particular Big Boss rank, I'll be using MGS 4, though most of the Metal Gear Solid games have some ludicrous Big Boss Rank requirements. So, you're playing Metal Gear Solid 4as Old Snake, and playing to his age and frailty, you may take a few… liberties with your job. Killing mooks, healing yourself and moving slowly (he is slowly dying after all), all seem essentially required to finish this long and largely cinematic game. The game can easily stretch into the 10+ hour range if you're trying to be the best operative you can be. But how about completing the game in under 5 hours? Including those movie-like cutscenes. Now, with that piece of impossible in your mind, do it without healing yourself, killing ANYONE, or even being caught to cause an alert for enemies (the red exclamation over your head). Now do it on the hardest difficulty, The Boss Extreme, and you've got yourself a real challenge on your hands.
Top 5 Hardest Self-Imposed Gaming Challenges - Big Boss Rank (Metal Gear Solid Series)
1. No Damage (Modern Ninja Gaiden Games)
Ninja Gaiden is a slightly sadistic experience. You fight to die and die to… well, die. But there are those few who are skilled enough to complete the game on the soul-wrenching difficulties above Normal. There isn't much description for this particular challenge, because I firmly believe that it simply isn't possible within our realm of reality. Place the game on Master Ninja difficulty and take no damage over the course of the entire game. I don't have much to say about this. Good luck to you if you attempt it, gamer.
Top 5 Hardest Self-Imposed Gaming Challenges - No Damage (Modern Ninja Gaiden Games)