New GTA 5 Features Revealed: Bullet Time, Berserk Mode & Mad Driving Skills All Tipped


It is looking as though Rockstar are about to give some official news about GTA 5 after lack of it has caused months of frustration for fans. There have been previews of the game shown behind closed doors and we are now able to offer you confirmation that each of the main characters in GTA 5, Michael, Trevor and Franklin, will all have a unique ability. This ability will help them to in certain situations in the game as they progress.
It was just the week that Rockstar showed character trailers and this gave a brief look into the main three characters. Information has come out now about special abilities and if you have played Max Payne 3 you will be interested in the details.
Michael will have the ability to be able to go into bullet time. This means the battle sequences will be slowed down so that accuracy is improved, along with allowing gamers to get an advantage against their enemies, in a battle that is crucial. This was something that was seen in Max Payne 3 and it makes you wonder if Rockstar did plan for Michael to be an extended version of Max?
The ability of Trevor is easy to predict as it is based on the violent character that he portrays. Rockstar allows Trevor to go into berserk mode and this double the amount of damage he can do, along with him taking half damage. Trevor will have a different melee attack that isn’t available with Franklin and Michael.
Franklin’s ability is his driving skills. He will be able to go into bullet time with his driving skills. This means of course that he will have the upper hand in police chases; he will be able to see stingers and road blocks easier along with having the ability to turn corners at very fast speeds, to ensure a fast getaway in GTA 5.
All of this sounds very interesting of course, however there is a lot more. There has been confirmation that the skills of the three can be upgraded, the more times that the skills are used. This means that the gamer will get their hands on skills that are even more affective with continued use. However Rockstar didn’t go into details about this for GTA 5.
So what do you think about each of the new and unique skills for Franklin, Trevor and Michael in GTA 5?

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